Clipston Endowed VC Primary School

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club starts at 7.30am.  Parents wishing to use the Breakfast Club are required to complete a registration form at the beginning of each school year.  The form has a section for you to complete stating which regular sessions you require and we will invoice you for those sessions on a termly basis.

If you wish to use the club for extra sessions or on an irregular basis, the forms to book those are available in the drawers in the school entrance foyer and can be handed in to the office with the payment for that booking.  (Parents will still need to complete a registration form with the first booking if they have not already done so this academic year).

As the club is very popular and we do have a maximum number that we can accommodate, we do advise making a regular booking to be certain of a place and, for the extra sessions, please book in advance to ensure that we have spaces available.

The cost remains £4.50 for a Breakfast Club session.